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Twilight Eclipse – Taylor Lautner posters

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

With the recent release of the Twilight Eclipse film, we though we would highlight our selection of Taylor Lautner posters. We have both individual Taylor Lautner posters and Taylor Lautner Twilight Eclipse posters, where Taylor of course plays Jacob Black.

We have a number of Taylor Lautner posters that feature the hunky actor not related to his role in the Twilight films. There is the ever popular Taylor Lautner Rolling Stone Cover poster and two newer poster designs with Taylor showing his chest and six pack. There is also a door format Taylor Lautner Six Pack poster.

Taylor Lautner bare chest and six pack poster Taylor Lautner Rolling Stone poster Taylor Lautner bare chest and six pack door poster Twilight Eclipse Jacob Mist poster

We also have a selection of Twlight posters featuring Taylor as werewolf Jacob Black. There is a poster from the first Twilight film with Taylor sporting long hair, and there are more posters featuring Taylor with short hair and a hunkier look in Twilight New Moon and Twilight Eclipse. There are four Twilight Eclipse posters featuring Taylor Lautner as Jacob; the Twilight Eclipse Jacob and Bella poster,which features Taylor Lautner as Jacob, but also features an inset of Jacob with Bella; the Jacob Mist Twilight Eclipse poster wich as the name suggests features a still of Jacom alone in the mist; a Twilight Eclipse Jacob Black door poster and also a Twilight Eclipse Jacob, Edward and ella poster featuring all three members of the love triangle.

As well as our Taylor Lautner posters, we also hve a great selection of Robert Pattinson posters, Robert of course plays Jacob’s love rival Edward Cullen in the Twilight films.

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New Taylor Lautner Six-Pack topless posters

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Due in early next week, these are the topless posters Taylor Lautner fans have been waiting for. Order yours now and be among the first to get them.

We have four new Taylor Lautner posters, three with the hunky Twilight star displaying his 6 pack. We have a b&w regular format Taylor Lautner Six-pack poster and the same design in door poster format. We also have a colour Taylor Lautner six pack poster and another new Taylor Lautner poster. Click the following to see all our Taylor Lautner posters.

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