If you’re looking for a fashion item to make you stand out, then you should take a look at the range of unique belt buckles we have to offer. There are music influenced belt buckles including drum sets and turntables as well as your favourite bands, such as a Fall Out Boy belt buckle or a Pink Floyd belt buckle. We also have some drink inspired buckles, including a number of Jack Daniels belt buckles which include the famous Jack Daniels logo and a stylish barrel design. If you’re a super hero fan, then perhaps the range of Batman belt buckles or Superman belt buckles including their emblem will be more to your liking? There are also some gangster / biker style belt buckles. These include buckles that have grenades, guns, knuckle dusters, hearts with wings and many others. For the truly unique (and perhaps a little geeky!), you should check out our Pacman belt buckle. There is even a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) controller belt buckle! All of our products are solid metal belt buckles that have been expertly hand crafted. Most of them are just silver in colour; however some of our belt buckles also include some other colours. The prices are really competitive, so take a look through our range and see if you can find a unique belt buckle that suits your style.

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