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  • Manga & Anime Posters

    Recently at Panic Posters we have built up quite a nice little collection of Japanese Manga and Anime posters.

    Our Manga and Anime posters and prints cover quite a few films, comic and characters. We have Attack On Titan posters and also poster of Bleach, Deathnote, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Ghoul, Akira and more. The Attack On Titan posters we offer include characters like Mikasa and Eren as illustrated by Hajime Isayam. Deathnote is written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata and our official Manga Deathnote posters feature among others, the characters of Light Yagami, Detective L, Misa Amane and Ryuk. There is also a poster illustrating the rules of how to use the Death Note.  Our Manga Bleach posters include titles with Ichigo Kurosak.

    Manga Anime posters

    With a slightly less dark feel we have a selection of posters from Sailor Moon with Usagi Tsukino and Naruto posters as well as a Teen Titans poster design. Going back to the darker side of Anime. we have several posters from Tokyo Ghoul, written by Sui Ishida. Last but by no means least we celebrate all things Manga with a poster of the Manga logo design.

    As well as these great Anime and Manga posters, we also offer a great selection of film and TV posters as well as a huge range music posters including many rare and hard to come by titles.



  • Giant Posters & Giant promo posters - We now can ship outside UK

    Panic posters are pleased to announce that we are now able to ship Giant Posters outside of the United Kingdom.

    Until recently the postage and shipping costs have been too high to allow us to ship these extra large and unusual posters outside of the mainland UK. While shipping costs are still no longer cheap, we have decided that we will now be able to send giant posters to overseas customers.

    Oasis giant poster

    The costs for each country are different and unfortunately we are not able to calculate these costs on our current website when an order is placed for or including a giant poster to be sent abroad.

    Instead, what we need to do is contact anyone overseas who wishes to place an order including a giant poster and let them know what the ADDITIONAL shipping charge to that shown on their order from our website will be.

    For example if someone from Germany wants to order a single giant poster and places their order directly on our website, the order will show £13.99 (£7.99 for the poster plus £6.00 for standard shipping). Shipping for a giant poster will cost more than the £6 quoted and so we will need to charge you the extra. In the case of Germany for one giant poster, the additional charge would be £10. We would e-mail the customer with a request for the extra £10 carriage and then once received, we would ship the order. £10 extra is a lot for one poster, but if you are ordering more than one poster the charge would still be around £10 and so not seem quite as bad as a proportion.

    As a rough guide only; for orders to Europe the EXTRA carriage will be around £10 and for orders outside of Europe the extra charge would be around £15. In reality the charges will be different for each country and we will work out and advise of these charges on an individual basis.

    If you wish to make an order which includes a giant poster and you need delivery outside of the UK mainland, please either place your order as normal and await our e-mail, or alternatively e-mail us at with what you wish to order and we will get back to you with a quote.

  • Still #1 for Music Posters

    Wow, how time flies!! I can't believe that we haven't posted on this blog for over two years. A lot has happened over that time, but rest assured we are still the place to find you music posters online.

    We continue to offer the latest pop music poster titles from artistes like Jessie J, Pixie Lott, One Direction, Katy Perry and The Wanted; as well as classic and new rock bands from Bring Me The Horizon to Metallica and The Rolling Stones. We still specialise in Indie band poster too and also still offer a great selection of posters from bands like The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Oasis, Muse and the Libertines. Add to all these posters we also sell giant sized promo posters, which cannot be found elsewhere. One of our great Smiths posters is shown below and links through to our Smiths poster section.

    The Smiths - Manchester 1983

    In addition to  our wealth of music posters we also continue to offer film and TV posters as well as humour posters, lifestyle posters, fantasy posters and lots lots more. Hopefully we will be posting on a more regular basis from now on, so look out for further details and news on our poster collection, possibly including Breaking Bad posters and even Game Of Thrones posters.

  • Still number one for music posters

    It has been a while since we have had chance to post a new blog entry, but rest assured we are still working hard at maintaining and improving one of the best ranges of music posters available anywhere.

    The Smiths poster

    We still have a great selection of rare and hard to find music posters, including rare Stone Roses posters, Oasis posters, Libertines posters, Joy Division posters and Smiths and  Morrissey posters. In fact we have just taken stock of some new Joy Division and  Smiths posters. We have classic rock posters including Led Zeppelin posters, Pink Floyd posters, a great selection of Iron Maiden posters as well as more modern metal and rock posters including Bullet For my Valentine posters, Black Veil Brides posters, Lost Prophets, Slipknot and lots more.

    Still on the rock theme, we also have posters featuring the likes of Radiohead and Muse. Recent additions also include posters from My Chemical Romance, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the legendary Captain Beefheart.

    On a more poppy theme, we have lots of posters of artists such as Pixie Lott, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Olly Murs and Ed Sheeran. We also  have new posters featuring One Direction, Cher Lloyd and JLS.

    As well as all these great music posters we also have a fantastic selection of TV and Film posters as well as humour and lifestyle posters, art posters and music and film prints. We will get back to you soon on another post about these other posters. In the meantime don't forget to visit our online store to keep up with all the best in music posters.

  • New Florence And The Machine Poster - Ceremonials

    Here at Panic Posters we are delighted to announce thet we have taken stock of a new Florence & The Machine Ceremonials poster.

    This new Florence & The Machine poster features singer Florence Welch in the cover art from the bands' second album, Ceremonials. Ceremonials is the second Florence And The Machine album and was released in October 2011 on Island Records. Florence and The Machine consist of singer Florence Welch on vocals, Rob Ackroyd on guitar, Tom Monger on bass, Mark Saunders on bass and guitar, Christopher Lloyd Hayden on drums and Isabella Summers.

    Florence And The Machime poster - Ceremonials

    Ceremonials debuted at number one in the UK album charts as well as doing well overseas. The track listing is as follows:

    Only If For A Night, Shake It out, What The Water Gave Me, Never Let Me Go, Breaking Down, Lover To Lover, No Light No light, Seven Devils, Heartlines, Spectrum, All This And Heaven Too and Leave My Body.

    This new Florence & The Machine poster is a must for any fan; and we also have two other Florence & The Machine posters available; Lungs and Rabbit Heart.

    In addition to Ceremonials and our other Florence and the Machine posters we also have a huge range of other music posters, ranging from indie and pop posters through to heavy metal and punk posters and lots more besides. We also have a range of music prints as well as film posters, film prints, humour and lifestyle posters, glamour posters, original music promo posters, giant posters and a whole lot more.

  • Collectable music promo posters - more new in stock

    Great selection of rare collectable Pulp & Ian Brown promo posters.

    We have come across some great original Ian Brown and Pulp promo posters and are very pleased to be able to offer them to our customers.

    Ian Brown Monkey Business promo poster Pulp Mis-shapes promo poster

    We have a rare and collectable Pulp promo poster for their iconic Mis-shapes and Sorted For E's & Wizz double A sided single. Pulp released this single in 1995 and it made number two in the UK charts, with Sorted For E's & Wizz being the better known song. Both tracks are featured on the Different Class album.  At the time of the release of Sorted For E's & Wizz, the Pulp line up consisted of Jarvis Cocker, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, Steve Mackey, Mark Webber and Nick Banks. All are featured on this collectable Pulp promo poster.

    In addition to the Pulp poster described above, we also have two Ian Brown promo posters available. Firstly we have the Ian Brown Corpses promo poster. This Ian Brown poster is a promo for his single Corpses, released back in 1998. Corpses is taken from the ex-Stone Roses singer's debut solo album, Unfinished Monkey Business and features a photo of the singer. Next we have the Ian Brown Unfinished Monkey Business promo poster. This Ian Brown poster is a promo for the ex-Stone Roses singer's debut solo album released in 1998. This Ian Brown poster features the album cover art.

    As well as these Pulp and Ian Brown promo posters we have a number of other rare, original and collectable promo posters including promo posters from Air, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Morrissey and more.

  • Great new range of Film Prints now available

    We are delighted to announce that we are now offering a great new range of Film Poster Prints. These film prints are great value and the range includes some fantastic cult film titles.

    Dirty Harry film print Withnail & I film print

    These film prints are all printed on heavy 300 gsm art paper and each print measures 30cm x 40cm. Many of these film prints reproduce original artwork from cinema posters, while others are more original and inspired by the films. We are selling these film prints at only £7.99 each plus P&P, and they will look great either framed or just stuck to a wall like a normal poster.

    Looking more closely at the range we have film prints for many cult classic movies. In the science fiction genre we have classic 2001: A Space Odyssey film prints, Tron prints, Donnie Darko prints, Running Man and Robocop prints among others. We also have Taxi Driver prints, Raging Bull prints, Dirty Harry prints, Scarface prints, Rocky and Bruce Lee prints.

    For horror film fans we have Evil Dead and Army Of Darkness prints, while we also have prints for modern classics like Bullitt, Cool Hand Luke, The Good The Bad And The Ugly and Hitchcock's To Catch A Thief. Add to these the likes of our Indiana Jones prints, our Withnail & I prints and Grease and Goonies prints, there is something for everybody.

    We will be adding to our print range soon, with a selection of music prints. We will of course still be adding to our great range of regular posters at the same time, with new Jessie J posters and Justin Bieber posters to name two.

  • New Black Veil Brides poster out now

    We are very pleased to announce that we have a new Black Veil Brides poster available.

    This Black Veil Brides poster features the band in their trademark leather and make up. Black Veil Brides are Andrew "Andy Six" Dennis Biersack, Ashley Purdy, Jake Pitts, Jinx and Christian "CC" Coma and all are featured on this fantastic poster.

    Black Veil Brides poster

    Black Veil Brides are a US rock band based out of Hollywood, California. The band formed in 2006 and are influenced by the glam metal scene and perhaps Kiss in particular. This poster shows the visual similarities between Black veil brides and Kiss.

    Their debut album, Sex & Hollywood was released on the band's own label in 2007, and there have been two further Black Veil Brides albums to date, We Stitch These Wounds (released in 2010) and this year's Set The World On Fire.

    As well as this Black Veil Brides poster, we have lots of other rock and metal posters available. We have Kiss posters as well as Motley Crue posters, Marilyn Manson posters and posters of  bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine.

    Other new poster releases include an Avenged Sevenfold poster and an awesome new Green Day poster.

    Remember to keep checking our site for lots of new and lots of classic and often hard to find music posters. And don't forget that as well as music posters, we have a great range of TV and Film posters, glamour, sport and personality posters and lots more to buy.

  • Jessie J posters, Avenged Sevenfold posters - New titles available

    We are delighted to add a batch of new posters to our range and two of the most exciting new designs are our new Jessie J poster and our new Avenged Sevenfold poster.

    Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare poster Jessie J poster

    Firstly let's take a closer look at the new Avenged Sevenfold poster. We have waited a long time to get hold of an Avenged Sevenfold poster and finally one has arrived. This poster features  the cover art from Nightmare, the fifth studio album from the American heavy metal band. The poster shows a cloaked skeleton standing over a girl as well as a tombstone with "Forever" engraved onto it. The current Avenged Sevenfold line up is  M. Shadows on vocals, lead guitarist Synyster Gates, rhythm guitarist Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ on bass.

    Next we have the Jessie J poster. This poster features a photo of the singer wearing very high healed shoes. Jessie J's real name is Jessica Ellen Cornish and she released her debut album Who You are in February 2011. Before becoming a star in her own right, Jessie J wrote songs for artists like Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus. This Jessie J poster also reads, To Every Heartbeat. Now she has had hits with songs such as Do It Like A Dude and Nobody's perfect.

    As well as these two posters we also have a number of other new posters available. We have a new Green day poster, a new Black Veil Brides poster and a new Rihanna poster among others. Take a look at our online store for lots of great music posters, TV & Film posters, personality poster and much more...

  • Doctor Who posters - New Doctor Who Impossible Astronaut poster

    As the new series of Doctor Who is about to hit our TV screens we have a new Doctor Who poster available for sale.

    Doctor Who Impossible Astronaut poster

    The first Doctor Who episode of the new 2011 series is called the Impossible Astronaut and we have this new Doctor Who Impossible Astronaut poster to go with it. This poster shows the Doctor (played by Matt Smith) reflected in an Apollo astronaut's helmet visor. The Doctor is holding his sonic screwdriver and is accompanied by his assistants Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (played by Arthur Darvill). In The Impossible Astronaut the Doctor and his team get to meet Richard Nixon as well as a host of baddies.

    This new poster joins the rest of our selection of Doctor Who posters. We have a number of posters featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor and several with Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. Current favourites include the Doctor Who Van Gogh Tardis poster, which features a painting by Vincent Van Gogh of an exploding Tardis. Van Gogh painted a psychic message of the Tardis exploding in the 2010 series, which passed from Winston Churchill to Queen Elizabeth X, before reaching the Doctor via River Song.

    Another favourite is the Doctor Who & Amy Pond Weeping Angels poster and the Doctor Who Amy Pond poster.

    As well as our great selection of Doctor Who posters, remember that we have a huge range of TV and film posters as well as a fantastic range of music posters and lots more.

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