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  • New Doctor Who posters - A Christmas Carol & Van Gogh

    We have two great new Doctor Who posters to add to our Doctor Who poster selection.

    Firstly we have a great Doctor Who A Christmas Carol poster. This poster features Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor as well as Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins who co star in this year's Christmas special Dr Who. As the name suggests this seasonal episode is a new spin on the traditional Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol story.

    Doctor Who Christmas Carol poster Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Van Gogh poster

    We also have a great poster design from the episode when Doctor Who met Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh had premonitions of the future and this involved an exploding Tardis and this Doctor Who Van Gogh Exploding Tardis poster is a reproduction of the painting Van Gogh produced. Van Gogh painted this psychic message of the Tardis exploding in the 2010 series, which passed from Winston Churchill to Queen Elizabeth X, before reaching the Doctor via River Song.

    As already mentioned these two new posters add to our great range of Doctor Who posters. We have Doctor Who posters featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor, the Doctor Who Regeneration poster featuring both Matt Smith and David Tennant, a Doctor Who Amy Pond poster featuring Karen Gillen as Amy Pond as well as Dalek posters, Cybermen posters and more.

    Don't forget that as well as Doctor Who posters, we have a great selection of other  TV and Film posters as well as music posters, humour posters and lots more. Soon we'll be blogging about a new Kesha poster and a great new Paramore poster.

  • Tattoo posters - Ed Hardy posters

    Today we thought that we would highlight the range of Ed Hardy Tattoo posters that we have for sale.

    Ed Hardy is one of the world's most popular and iconic Tattoo artists. Ed Hardy was born in 1945 in Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, California and his style combines Japanese and American tattoo styles. Nowadays Ed Hardy's designs are featured on a wide range of products, clothing, accessories, bags, posters, you name it. Obviously it is the Ed Hardy posters we are concentrating on here.

    Ed Hardy Death Or Glory Tattoo poster Ed Hardy Love Eternal tattoo poster Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly poster Ed Hardy Born To Raise Hell poster

    Probably our most popular Ed Hardy poster is the Ed Hardy Death Or Glory poster. This poster shows a skull design with a dagger going through it and Death Or Glory draped around it. Next up is the Ed Hardy Love Eternal poster. This poster is designed to look like a tattoo on flesh and again has a skull motif, this time with crossbones and a broken heart underneath it. Three playing card aces also appear behind the skull.

    The Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly poster is another popular design. Once again this poster is designed to look like a tattoo on flesh and again the popular skull and crossbones motif is used along with a heart and roses. The last Ed Hardy poster we will look at in detail here is the Ed Hardy Born To Raise Hell poster. This poster once again features a skull design along with four ace playing cards and a rat and spiders. In this poster the skull is smoking as well.

    We have more Ed Hardy posters in addition to the four we have featured so why not visit our site to take a look at our great selection?

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