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  • James posters - Some iconic James Sit Down posters available for sale

    We were both shocked and delighted to come across some original James Sit Down posters lurking at the back of our store room the other day.

    From the time of the Madchester scene, James were one of the key players and it is now pretty hard to come by any James posters for sale from that great era. This James Sit Down poster features the classic image from the single sleeve artwork and was published by the great Manchester based poster company, A Bigger Splash. This James poster was published back in 1991 in conjunction with the band and has been out of print for years and years. Obviously we only have very limited stocks of this James poster so hurry if you are looking to get one.

    James Sit Down poster James Come Home poster

    As well as this poster we also have another rare James Come Home poster title available for sale and also a few copies of the James Sit Down (Apollo 44 Remix) giant promo poster.

    As well as these James posters, we also specialise in other rare Manchester music scene posters, including Stone Roses posters, Joy Division posters, Ian Brown posters, Smiths and Oasis posters and also Buzzcocks posters.

    We don't only wallow in past musical glories here at Panic Posters, we also have a great selection of current rock, pop, metal and other music posters as well as a host of TV and film posters, humour and lifestyle posters, photographic posters, original promo posters and lots more. New titles added all the time as well as the odd rare gem like these James posters.

  • Smiths posters - Posters of The Smiths for sale

    To kick off the new year we thought we would take a look at The Smiths posters we have for sale. It is quite hard to find good Smiths posters nowadays so we though it might be worth highlighting our selection.

    The Smiths Paris poster The Smiths Glastonbury poster

    Firstly let's take a look at what we call our Smiths Paris 1984 poster. This poster sees The Smiths standing in a street in the Montmartre area of Paris in December 1984. Morrissey is wearing a hat and is joined by the other band members, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce. The photo was taken by Paul Slattery.

    Next, we have what we call our Smiths Glasto 84 poster. This Smiths poster sees the band photographed backstage at the Glastonbury Festival in 1984. Andy Rourke is practising playing his bass while the other members relax in their dressing room in this Paul Slattery photo.

    Our site also features a Smiths Morrissey and Marr poster, but unfortunately this poster is currently both out of stock and out of print, so is not available.

    The Smiths were formed in 1982 and have become one of Manchester's most famous bands and reunions are occasionally rumoured, but so far Morrissey and Johnny Marr are yet to work together again.  Coming after bands such as The Buzzcocks, Slaughter and The Dogs and later Joy Division, The Smiths were contemporaries of New Order and they lead into the Madchester era and bands like The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays.

    Being based in Manchester we have a great selection of Manchester music posters for sale, including Stone Roses posters, Joy Division posters, James posters, Ian Brown posters and Oasis posters among others.

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