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  • Banksy posters - Rare Banksy poster available - very limited stocks

    We are delighted to have come across some rare Banksy posters. These Banksy Locations posters reproduce 24 of the infamous graffiti artist's most famous works and shows where each work is located.

    Earlier in the year we managed to get hold of a few Banksy Exit Through The Gift Shop giant promo posters and these proved very popular. So popular in fact that we were inundated with requests for the poster after our very limited stock had run out. Hopefully this Banksy poster will prove popular with Banksy fans too.

    Banksy Locations poster

    Anyway, back to the Banksy Locations poster at hand. As already stated, this Banksy poster shows 24 of Banksy's most famous works and states the location of each. Included on this poster are the Kissing Policemen located in Trafalgar Street, Brighton, Grin Reaper in Scrutton Street Shoreditch and Keep It Real in Ravenscroft Street Shoreditch. What Are You looking At? at Marble Arch tube station cleverly depicts a CCTV camera on a wall, while What in Tottenham Court Road ironically depicts a boy painting the word "What?" on a wall.

    Banksy's identity is unconfirmed although certain names have been suggested. It is generally accepted that Banksy is originally from Bristol and was born in the mid 1970s. His art has always been controversial, with some regarding is as vandalism as it it created on walls in public spaces, but there is no escaping the power and style of his imagery and the subversive political and social messages behind the images.

    We have only managed to get hold of a very limited number of these Banksy posters, so if you want one, don't hand about!

  • Banksy posters - Original Banksy Exit Through the Gift Shop promo poster

    We have just added limited stocks of the giant original promo poster for the Banksy film Exit Through The Gift Shop. Exit Through The Gift Shop is Banksy's first film and has been billed as "the world's first street art disaster movie".

    As these is a genuine original fly posters,  while they are new and will be in very good condition, due to their nature they may not be in the 100% mint condition of posters produced for commercial resale. Click the following to see all our original giant promo posters.

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