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    We are pleased to announce that to add to our selection of Justin Bieber posters, we have two new Justin Bieber door posters.

    The first title we call the Justin Bieber Shirt door poster and this poster features a photo of  Justin wearing a pastal coloured shirt which he has open. Under the shirt he is wearing a white T shirt and he is also sporting a dog tag style necklace. The second poster we call the Justin Bieber Signature door poster. In this poster Justin is wearing a sleeveless quilted waistcoat style jacket over a black T shirt and again he is wearing a dog tag style necklace. In this poster Justin is leaning forward to the camera with his hands in his pockets. This Justin Bieber poster also features a reproduction of Justin's signature.

    Justin Bieber Shirt door poster Justin Bieber Signature door poster Justin Bieber Hoodie poster Justin Bieber Arrows poster Justin Bieber Bike poster

    Both these door poster and indeed all of our door posters measure 53 x 158 cm and as there name suggests, they are ideal for putting on doors, usually bedroom doors. Of course you can also put them on walls like regular posters if you prefer.

    In addition to these new door posters, we also have a selection of other Justin Bieber posters. We currently have three regular sized Justin Bieber posters, we call them Justin Bieber Hoodie poster, Justin Bieber Bike poster and Justin Bieber Arrows poster.

    Of course we do not only have Justin Bieber posters, we have a great range of other music posters as well as Film & TV poster, humour posters and lots more.

  • New Justin Bieber poster

    We have a new Justin Bieber poster available. This poster design features a photo of the young Canadian star in a hooded top. We also have another two Justin Bieber posters available. Click on the following to see all our Justin Bieber posters.

    Justin Bieber Hoodie poster

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