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    We have a great selection of Machete film posters available. Machete is the new film from Robert Rodriguez and each of our Machete posters features one of the film's main stars.

    Machete She poster featuring Michelle Rodriguez Machete Sartana poster featuring Jessica Alba Machete film poster featuring Robert Deniro as The senator Machete film poster featuring Steven Seagal as Torrez Machete film poster featuring Lindsay Lohan as The Sister.

    Danny Trejo plays Machete and is featured in the first Machete film poster we come to. The Machete character is an infamous and deadly ex-federale and he is seen in this poster with a huge number of knives in his coat. Next we have the Machete Shé poster, which features Michelle Rodriguez as Shé, a trucker with more than a hint of rebelliousness. Next we have our Machete Sartana poster which features the beautiful Jessica Alba as troubled immigration officer Sartana Rivera. This Machete poster features Sartana in a white vest and with a pistol in her hand.

    The legendary Robert Deniro features in the Machete Senator poster holding a pistol in each hand, while the Machete Torrez poster has Steven Seagal brandishing a large sword playing druglord Torrez in the film. Lastly, but my no means leastly we have Lindsay Lohan featuring in the Machete Sister poster. In this poster, Lindsay Lohan is dressed in The Sister's nuns garb and is provocatively licking the barrel of a rather large pistol.

    Machete is directed by Robert Rodriguez and is a development of a spoof trailer released along with 2007's Grindhouse.

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