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    Today we thought we would feature our great range of Muse posters. We have both recent Muse poster titles and some older and rarer Muse posters.

    Muse The Resistance poster Muse Band poster Muse Absolution poster Muse Matt Bellamy poster

    If we start with more recent Muse posters, then we have the Muse The Resistance poster. This Muse poster features the cover art from the fifth Muse studio album, the Resistance, released in Sept 2009. Along with this poster we have a Muse Band poster, released to coincide with the Muse Resistance poster, this poster features a colour photo of the band, Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard.

    Moving on to older Muse posters we have the independently produced Muse Matt Bellamy poster, which features a shot of Matt live on stage with Muse. We also have very limited stocks of the now rather rare Muse Absolution poster. This Muse poster features cover art from Absolution, the third studio album from Muse, which was released in 2003. We also have two different Muse Covers posters, which feature cover sleeve art from different Muse albums and singles, such as Invincible, Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole, Hysteria, Time Is Running Out, the different versions of Absolution, Muscle Museum 1 & 2, Plug In Baby, Hyper Music, Origin Of Symmetry and lots more. We also have a black and white Muse band poster, which is available in both normal maxi size and door poster format.

    We have a great selection of all kinds of music posters, which we are adding to all of the time, so remember to visit our site regularly to see what is new in music posters and also TV and film posters and more....

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