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    We currently have two great Evanescence posters available, an Evanescence Band poster and an Evanescence Amy Lee poster.

    Lets take a closer look at the Evanescence Band poster first. This Evanescence poster features a colour photo of Amy and the band standing on stairs in front of an ornate window. Singer Amy is wearing a long flowing dress while the guys are dressed mainly in black. The poster also features a reproduction of the Evanescence logo. This design is an officially licensed Evanescence poster.

    Next up we have the Evanescence Amy Lee poster. This poster features a shot of Amy Lee singing live on stage as its main image. This poster also has four further smaller photos of Amy live on stage set into the main poster image. This Evanescence poster is harder to find than the Evanescence band poster as it is an independently published poster.

    Evanescence Band poster Evanescence Amy Lee poster

    Evanescence were formed in 1995 in Arkansas, USA and have to date released two studio albums, Fallen (2003) and The Open Door in 2006. Both albums have gone platinum in both the US and UK as well as elsewhere. The current Evanescence line up is Amy Lee (vocals), Terry Balsamo (guitar), Tim McCord (bass) and Will Hunt (drums).

    Essentially a rock band, Evanescence also have something of an alternative and goth feel to their music. Their breakthrough and probably best know song is Bring Me Back To Life from the Fallen album. Bring Me Back To Life featured on the soundtrack to the Daredevil movie and this gave the song a powerful video and great promotion, despite the film being something of a disappointment.

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