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  • Posters in the workplace

    Brightening up the work place with posters can help people feel happier at work and be more productive.
    Since the credit crunch many employers have struggled to afford pay rises to keep employees happy and if your employees aren’t happy they will either look for another job or not produce their best work.
    Many employees have been looking to low cost ways to inspire their employees, these can be motivational courses and talks, staff nights out and team sports like football or netball. These activities can sometimes get quite expensive and many employees don’t want to spend any more time away from their families and friends.
    One solution employers are finding is to make the working environment a nicer to place to be, this can be done by getting in cheap posters or funny posters that brighten up the otherwise dull office walls.  You could even look at getting motivational posters that are a bit tongue in chic, however make sure the posters are suitable for the workplace as your staff may want to put up glamour posters that may not give off the right impression if a client visits.
    People advise that football posters could be controversial if you have employees that support different teams but I find that a bit of office banter can help lighten the mood. This is up to you to decide and make sure the banter doesn’t get too out of hand and cross into bullying.
    You can buy cheap posters online and for a minimum spend make the workplace a much nicer environment until the credit crunch lifts a little more.

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