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    We have limited quantities of two poster designs for the cult children's TV show Rainbow available. These Rainbow posters have been out of print for some time now and are increasingly hard to find. We have Rainbow Characters posters and Rainbow Zippy posters.

    First let's take a look at the Rainbow Characters poster. This poster features the non-human characters from the show. There is Bungle the clumsy bear, Geoffrey the pink and slightly camp hippo and of course who could forget, Zippy. Zippy was apparently a rugby ball with a body attached and of course a zip attached to his mouth. He was brash, loud and domineering and sometimes only zipping up his mouth could shut him up. In this poster the characters are by a wall and the multi-coloured Rainbow logo complete with rainbow are reproduced.

    Rainbow Children's TV Characters poster featuring Zippy, Bungle & George Rainbow Zippy poster

    Next there is the Rainbow Zippy poster, which obviously featured the one and only Zippy. In this poster he is captured posing against a blue sky with hand on chest. For the most part in the show, Zippy was voiced by Roy Skelton, also famous for giving voice to Daleks and Cybermen in Doctor Who. This poster also features Zippy's catchphrase "Hello Everybody" in multicoloured letters as well as the Rainbow logo and rainbow.

    Rainbow ran on ITV in the UK for 20 years from 1972 to 1992 and also featured Rod, Jane and Freddy. There is also an infamous "adult" sketch known as the Rainbow Twangers episode, which the cast made for a Thames TV Xmas tape.

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