Doctor Who posters - New Doctor Who Impossible Astronaut poster

As the new series of Doctor Who is about to hit our TV screens we have a new Doctor Who poster available for sale.

Doctor Who Impossible Astronaut poster

The first Doctor Who episode of the new 2011 series is called the Impossible Astronaut and we have this new Doctor Who Impossible Astronaut poster to go with it. This poster shows the Doctor (played by Matt Smith) reflected in an Apollo astronaut's helmet visor. The Doctor is holding his sonic screwdriver and is accompanied by his assistants Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (played by Arthur Darvill). In The Impossible Astronaut the Doctor and his team get to meet Richard Nixon as well as a host of baddies.

This new poster joins the rest of our selection of Doctor Who posters. We have a number of posters featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor and several with Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. Current favourites include the Doctor Who Van Gogh Tardis poster, which features a painting by Vincent Van Gogh of an exploding Tardis. Van Gogh painted a psychic message of the Tardis exploding in the 2010 series, which passed from Winston Churchill to Queen Elizabeth X, before reaching the Doctor via River Song.

Another favourite is the Doctor Who & Amy Pond Weeping Angels poster and the Doctor Who Amy Pond poster.

As well as our great selection of Doctor Who posters, remember that we have a huge range of TV and film posters as well as a fantastic range of music posters and lots more.

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