Katy Perry posters for sale - Katy Perry California Girls poster

We are pleased to announce that we have taken stock of a new Katy Perry poster title, the Katy Perry California Girls poster.

Katy Perry California Girls poster

This Katy Perry poster features cover art from her California Girls single. California Girls is the first single taken from the third Katy Perry studio album, Teanage Dream. This poster shows Katy Perry dressed in a striking bikini and belt outfit as she sunbathes under a parasol on what we assume is a California beach. Katy's hair is a shocking bright blue in this poster.

These days Katy Perry is in the news as much for her relationship and forthcoming marriage to Britsh funny man Russell Brand. However her musical talent should not be overlooked. Katy has released three albums to date. 2001's gospel rock debut is called Katy Hudson, which is Katy Perry's birth name. 2008 saw the release of One Of  The Boys, which saw Katy move into more mainstream pop music territory and gave us the hit single I Kissed A Girl as well as Hot n Cold, Thinking Of You and Waking Up In Vegas.

2010 has brought us Katy's latest album Teenage Dream, from which the single California Girls is taken and this Katy Perry poster derives. With her popularity and high media profile it is something of a surprise that there are not more Katy Perry posters available on the market, but as far as we know this is the only officially licensed Katy Perry poster available.

If more Katy Perry posters do become available, rest assured we at Panic Posters will get them, so keep an eye on our site for this and to see our great range of music posters.

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