The Verve posters - The Verve The Drugs Don't Work giant promo poster

We are pleased to announce that we have very limited stock of some great Verve giant promo posters.

These Verve giant promo posters are for their classic single, The Drugs Don't Work. These Verve giant promo posters feature the single cover art, which itself   features The Verve members, Richard Ashcroft, Nick McCabe, Simon Jones, Peter Salisbury & Simon Tong. The Drugs Don't Work is the second single off 1997's Verve album, Urban Hymns and is arguably The Verve's most famous song.

As well as these Verve posters we also have a giant Richard Ashcroft promo poster for the single C'mon People (We're Making It Now). C'mon People (We're Making It Now) was taken from the Verve frontman's album Alone With Everybody released in 2000.

The Verve Drugs Don't Work original giant promo poster

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It should be noted that as these posters are original posters intended for pasting on walls or billboards, in some cases they will not be in the normal 100% pristine condition that poster published for sale are. Although the quality of these posters is very good, there may in some occasions be a few small flaws, which really add to the character and originality of the poster. These original fly posters are very rare and look great on wall, either framed or unframed. Go on, dare to have something different on your wall.

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