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  • Tattoo posters - Ed Hardy posters

    Today we thought that we would highlight the range of Ed Hardy Tattoo posters that we have for sale.

    Ed Hardy is one of the world's most popular and iconic Tattoo artists. Ed Hardy was born in 1945 in Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, California and his style combines Japanese and American tattoo styles. Nowadays Ed Hardy's designs are featured on a wide range of products, clothing, accessories, bags, posters, you name it. Obviously it is the Ed Hardy posters we are concentrating on here.

    Ed Hardy Death Or Glory Tattoo poster Ed Hardy Love Eternal tattoo poster Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly poster Ed Hardy Born To Raise Hell poster

    Probably our most popular Ed Hardy poster is the Ed Hardy Death Or Glory poster. This poster shows a skull design with a dagger going through it and Death Or Glory draped around it. Next up is the Ed Hardy Love Eternal poster. This poster is designed to look like a tattoo on flesh and again has a skull motif, this time with crossbones and a broken heart underneath it. Three playing card aces also appear behind the skull.

    The Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly poster is another popular design. Once again this poster is designed to look like a tattoo on flesh and again the popular skull and crossbones motif is used along with a heart and roses. The last Ed Hardy poster we will look at in detail here is the Ed Hardy Born To Raise Hell poster. This poster once again features a skull design along with four ace playing cards and a rat and spiders. In this poster the skull is smoking as well.

    We have more Ed Hardy posters in addition to the four we have featured so why not visit our site to take a look at our great selection?

  • Posters for Xmas - Buy your Xmas present posters online

    Well, Christmas is just around the corner as the month of December starts tomorrow. Posters make great affordable gifts, whether its a really special poster for framing, or a more regular poster to go straight on the wall. We have a fantastic selection of posters available including music posters, TV and film posters, humour and lifestyle posters and much much more.

    Muse resistance poster Earth By Night Map poster Pixie Lott Turn It Up poster

    In our selection of music posters we have posters for artistes as diverse as Cheryl Cole or Pixie Lott and The Libertines or Metallica.

    We have an unrivalled selection of indie style band posters, including Stone Roses posters, Muse posters, Radiohead posters, Arctic Monkeys posters and lots lots more. On the Metal side of things we have a huge number of Iron Maiden and Metallica poster designs, as well as Bring Me The Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine posters, Korn posters, Slipknot and System Of A Down posters. We also have lot of emo posters, punk posters, hip hop posters and more.

    On the poppier side we have as already mentioned a great selection of Cheryl Cole posters, Pixie Lott poster and Lady Gaga posters to name only three.

    Don't forget our range of TV and film posters, including a great set of Machete film posters as well as Avatar posters, Audrey Hepburn posters, James Bond posters and posters of  Ben 10, Spongebob Squarepants, Doctor Who, Dangermouse and Family Guy.

    We also have a great selection of World Map posters, including the best selling Earth By Night map poster.

    So as the snow piles up and the temperatures go through the floor, why not shop online for you posters at Panic Posters and let us and the postman take the strain out of your Xmas shopping?

  • Lady Gaga posters - New Lady Gaga Telephone poster

    We are delighted to be able to offer a new Lady Gaga poster design for sale. This Lady Gaga Telephone poster features a black and white photo of Lady Gaga. In this poster Lady Gaga is wearing a hat shaped like a telephone.

    This poster relates to the song Telephone, which is the second single from Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster extended play, released in 2010.

    Lady Gaga Telephone poster Lady Gaga Fame Monster poster Lady Gaga Fame Monster poster Lady Gaga The Fame poster

    This new poster design adds to our range of Lady Gaga posters, which includes two Fame Monster poster designs and a poster design for The Fame. Lady Gaga's first and so far only full studio album, The Fame, was released in 2008 and there have been a number of successful singles taken from it, most notably Poker Face, which reached number one and went platinum pretty much world wide. The Lady Gaga The Fame poster we have features Lady Gaga dressed in a skin tight black outfit.

    The Fame Monster was released in 2009 and is an EP rather than a full album. The Fame Monster has eight tracks including the aforementioned Telephone. We have two Fame Monster posters, the Lady Gaga Fame Monster Cover poster, which as the name suggests features the main cover art of the mini album; and the Lady Gaga Fame Monster (Cap) poster, which features a black and white photo of Lady Gaga wearing only a leather cap. Please note that all of these designs are officially licensed Lady Gaga posters.

    As well as these great Lady Gaga posters, please remember that we have a great range of other music posters, from pop to punk; and also a great selection of TV and film posters, humour and lifestyle posters and lots more...

  • New Cheryl Cole posters - Two new Cheryl Cole posters available

    We are pleased to have added another two Cheryl Cole poster designs to our Cheryl Cole posters.

    We have a new regular size Cheryl Cole poster and a new door format Cheryl Cole poster. We call te new regular size poster the Cheryl Cole Union Jack poster. This poster sees Cheryl posing seductively against a wall, wearing a Union Jack flag style top and short red shorts. The photo used in this new poster looks like it is from the same photo shoot as the Cheryl Cole Close-Up poster we also have available for sale.

    Cheryl Cole Union Jack Top poster Cheryl Cole Beach door poster

    We call the new Cheryl Cole door poster the Cheryl Cole Beach door poster, and this poster features Cheryl on the beach, wearing a white cardigan and little else and her rose tattoo can be seen on her thigh. The same design is also available in regular poster format as the Cheryl Cole Beach poster.

    As well as these two new posters we also have a great range of other Cheryl Cole posters and Girls Aloud posters. we have already mentioned the Cheryl Cole Union Jack and Beach posters, but we also have the relatively new Cheryl Cole Rock poster, the Cheryl Cole Close Up poster and Cheryl Cole Solo poster. We also have a selection of Girls Aloud posters available.

    Don't forget that as well as Cheryl Cole posters, we also have a great range of other music posters, from pop to punk and metal. We add new titles and older and rarer posters all the time, so it pays to check our site every now and then.

  • Fall Out Boy posters - Rare Fall Out Boy posters back in stock

    We have recently managed to get a few rare Fall Out Boy posters back in stock, including the Fall Out Boy Southbound poster.

    Fall Out Boy posters can be hard to get hold of, so we are pleased to currently have four Fall Out Boy posters in stock.

    Fall Out Boy Southbound poster Fall Out Boys poster Fall Out Boy poster Fall Out Boy poster

    As already mentioned, we now have limited stock of the Fall Out Boy Southbound poster. This poster sees the Fall Out Boy guys sitting on a rock against the backdrop of a blue sky. We also have the Fall Out Boy Baseball Cards poster available for sale. This Fall Out Boy poster has each band member featuring on a baseball style collectors card. A pencil and the Fall Out Boy logo also feature on this poster.

    We have two other Fall Out Boy posters available, one we imaginatively call the Fall Out Boy (Standing) poster and the other we call the Fall Out Boy (Portraits) poster. The Fall Out Boy (Standing) poster features a photo of the band standing in a car park  against a blue FOB logo background. Peter is rearing a Friends Or T shirt in this poster. The Fall Out Boy (Portraits) poster features individual photos of the band members.

    Fall Out Boy are Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman, Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley and were formed in 2001 in Illinois. Their debut album Fall Out Boy's Evening Out with Your Girlfriend was released in 2003 and they have now released five studio albums.

    As well as our Fall Out Boy posters we also have a great range of other music posters, from pop to metal and punk.

  • Keep Calm & Carry On - Keep Calm posters

    As we have just taken stock of a couple of new Keep calm posters, we thought we would focus on the iconic and popular Keep Calm & Carry On posters and associated Keep Calm poster designs.

    Keep Calm And Carry On poster in red Keep Calm Compilation poster Keep Calm And Carry On Union Jack Flag poster Keep Calm And Eat A Cupcake poster Keep Calm And Drink Tea poster

    Of course we have the original red Keep Calm And Carry On poster design. This poster was designed by the British Government in 1939 to be used in case of Nazi invasion and has now become a best selling motivational poster design as well as featuring on mugs and a host of other products. It has also inspired a large number of variations on its theme and design.

    One such new design is the Keep Calm And Drink Tea poster. The Keep Calm And Drink Tea poster has a tea coloured background and replaces the crown on the original with a teacup. Another new design is the Keep Calm And Eat A cupcake poster. Another very British design, with the crown being replaced with a picture of a cupcake on this Keep Calm poster.

    As well as these new designs we also have the Keep Calm And Carry On poster design with a Union Jack flag background and also a great Keep Calm Compilation poster, which features a number of versions of the Keep Calm And Carry On poster such as Freak Out And Throw Stuff, Play Now And Work Later and many more.

    As well as these Keep Calm posters we also have a great selection of other humour and lifestyle posters available, not to mention our music poster, TV and Film posters and lots more.

  • Banksy posters - Rare Banksy poster available - very limited stocks

    We are delighted to have come across some rare Banksy posters. These Banksy Locations posters reproduce 24 of the infamous graffiti artist's most famous works and shows where each work is located.

    Earlier in the year we managed to get hold of a few Banksy Exit Through The Gift Shop giant promo posters and these proved very popular. So popular in fact that we were inundated with requests for the poster after our very limited stock had run out. Hopefully this Banksy poster will prove popular with Banksy fans too.

    Banksy Locations poster

    Anyway, back to the Banksy Locations poster at hand. As already stated, this Banksy poster shows 24 of Banksy's most famous works and states the location of each. Included on this poster are the Kissing Policemen located in Trafalgar Street, Brighton, Grin Reaper in Scrutton Street Shoreditch and Keep It Real in Ravenscroft Street Shoreditch. What Are You looking At? at Marble Arch tube station cleverly depicts a CCTV camera on a wall, while What in Tottenham Court Road ironically depicts a boy painting the word "What?" on a wall.

    Banksy's identity is unconfirmed although certain names have been suggested. It is generally accepted that Banksy is originally from Bristol and was born in the mid 1970s. His art has always been controversial, with some regarding is as vandalism as it it created on walls in public spaces, but there is no escaping the power and style of his imagery and the subversive political and social messages behind the images.

    We have only managed to get hold of a very limited number of these Banksy posters, so if you want one, don't hand about!

  • Cheryl Cole posters - New Cheryl Cole poster available now

    We are pleased to be one of the first people to have the new Cheryl Cole Rock poster available for online sale.

    This great new Cheryl Cole poster features a sexy black and white shot of Cheryl Cole perched seductively on a rock. In this officially licensed poster Cheryl Cole is wearing a  see through white dress, showing black underwear and accompanied by a white belt, boots and a dark military style cap with a cross on the front.

    Cheryl Cole on rock poster Cheryl Cole poster, close up Union Jack dress Cheryl Cole beach poster

    We are expecting another new Cheryl Cole poster in shortly, but for now as well as the featured new Cheryl Cole Rock poster we have a great selection of other Cheryl Cole posters, including a Cheryl Cole Close Up poster, a Cheryl Cole Beach poster, a Cheryl Cole door poster and several Girls Aloud posters featuring Cheryl.

    These days it seems like Cheryl is never out of the news and the front pages, whether it be through her music or otherwise. Her latest solo album Messy Little Raindrops having been released this month with the opening single Promise This reaching number one in both the UK and Ireland singles charts. Cheryl has become something of a nation's sweetheart and features heavily on the X Factor as well as in the tabloids, TV and gossip mags.

    Don't forget that as well as Cheryl Cole posters we have a great range of other music posters as well as TV and film posters, glamour posters, humour and lifestyle posters and much much more.

  • Libertines posters - Limited stock of rare Libertines second album posters available

    We have managed to dig up a very limited quantity of the rare and out of print Libertines second album poster.

    This rare Libertines poster features cover artwork from the self titled second album from The Libertines, released in 2004. This Libertines poster features Pete Doherty and Carl Barat and the classic The Libertines logo. Barat's "Libertine" tattoo can also be clearly seen. As well as this Libertines poster we also have the classic Libertines Sepia poster available, again in limited quantities.

    The Libertines Second Album poster The Libertines Sepia Band poster Babyshambles tour promo poster

    The Libertines were formed in London in 1997 by Carl Barat and Pete Doherty and also feature Gary Powell on drums & John Hassall on bass. The Libertines' debut album was entitled Up The Bracket and was released in 2002. We did have stock of some Libertines Up The Bracket posters, but sadly these are now all gone. Rest assured though, we are always on the look out for some. As already mentioned the self titles second Libertines album was released in 2004, by which time relations between Doherty and Barat were to say the least, somewhat troubled and lead to the band splitting that year.

    Since the break up of the Libertines, Pete Doherty went on to form Babyshambles, while Carl Barat formed Dirty Pretty Things. We do also have a Babyshambles tour poster available. Recently of course, The Libertines have reformed to great acclaim for their Leeds and Reading festival performances.

    Please remember that these Libertines posters are very rare and we only have limited quantities available, so if you are interested, don't hang about!

  • Cheap film posters to decorate your pub, bar, club or party

    Panic Posters have a fantastic selection of movie and film posters to use to decorate your pub, bar or club. These posters are also great for using to decorate themed parties as well.

    Star Wars film poster Trainspotting Film poster Marilyn Monroe Grand Central poster

    Of course we also have loads of great music posters that you can use as well, but we have focused on our music posters in a different post on our blog. Depending on the look you are after and also how permanent you want the posters to be, you can either frame our posters or our posters can be simply pasted, pinned or blu tacked to your walls. At, over the yers we have spent a fair amount of time in different pubs, bars and clubs and even been invited to the odd party or two, and we have seen our posters in many of them.

    You may wish to go for a sixties theme for you bar, pub or party, in which case you could choose film posters such as our James Dean posters, Marilyn Monroe posters, Rat Pack posters, Audrey Hepburn posters. Perhaps you might be looking for something different, such as Blues Brothers posters, Scarface posters or Tatantino posters such as Pulp Fiction posters or Reservoir Dogs posters for your party, or the ever popular James Bond poster theme. Star Wars posters always prove popular, as do Twilight posters and Trainspotting posters and for children's' parties our Ben Ten posters and Spongebob Squarepants posters are often a hit.

    So if your premises need a facelift, our posters are an inexpensive way to create a new look. Likewise they can add an extra something to any party, so take a look at our great selection of music and film posters online.

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