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  • Original Daft Punk promo posters - Interstella 5555

    We are pleased to announce that we now have a set of five original Daft Punk promo posters for their Interstella 5555 film project.

    These Daft Punk Interstella 5555 posters are promo posters for the DVD release of the film. The film's full title is Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. The film is a collaboration between ground breaking electro dance French duo Daft Punk who are Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and Toei Animation, under the supervision of Leiji Matsumoto. Interstella 5555 is a full length Japanese animated feature film and is in fact a visualisation of the Daft Punk Discovery Album. Discovery was the second album from Daft Punk and was released in 2001.

    Daft Punk Interstella 5555 Cinema Art promo poster Daft Punk Interstella Stella poster Daft Punk Interstella 5555 Octave poster Daft Punk Interstella 5555 Baryl poster Daft Punk Interstella 5555 Arpegius poster

    The plot of Interstella 5555 is based around a blue skinned band who are happily performing to their home  blue skinned audience, when they are abducted and taken to earth, where they are brainwashed and made to resemble humans. The music industry then makes them huge stars while Shep, a friend, has followed them and tries to rescue them. We won't give away any more here and now.

    As already said, we have five different Daft Punk Interstella 5555 promo poster designs. We have the Daft Punk Interstella 5555 Cinema Art poster, which as the name suggests features original cinema poster art adapted to promote the DVD release. We also have four posters each featuring the individual band members; Arpegius, Beryl, Stella and Octave together with their enforced "human" Crescendolls alter egos.

    As well as these great daft Punk promo posters we have a great selection of other music posters, film posters and lots lots more so keep checking our site.

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