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  • Reebok Poster censored in Glasgow

    Promotional posters are often put up in large cities, whether they are promoting new films, a gig or even a product. However Reeboks latest promo posters have caused a bit of an uproar in Glasgow as they have refused to display them around the city.

    Reebok have been using posters to advertise their new trainers called the Slendertone trainer which help to tone legs and bums, sounds great, and the image they have used on the poster is of a ladies toned bum. This has been deemed to provocative for Glasgow city centre and has been banned from being put up outdoors or on the sides of taxis.

    Apparently Glasgow are not objecting to the image of the ladies toned behind but more the use of the slang word ‘bum’ which is featured on the poster. The racy image of the lady’s behind was also described as being a hazard as drivers would get distracted and crash their cars, similar to the original Wonderbra poster from the 90’s.

    Reebok have accepted Glasgow city centres ruling and will not be displaying their promo posters around Glasgow city to promote the new Slendertone trainers, however have mentioned that the ruling is hypocritical as many taxi’s and promo posters in Glasgow advertise strip clubs and lap dancing adverts using glamour posters that are far more provocative than Reeboks Slendertone poster.

    Other cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester are all happy to display the adverts but what do you think? Should Glasgow let Reebok display their posters? Or are they right should certain images be censored? Feel free to comment below.

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