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  • Still number one for music posters

    It has been a while since we have had chance to post a new blog entry, but rest assured we are still working hard at maintaining and improving one of the best ranges of music posters available anywhere.

    The Smiths poster

    We still have a great selection of rare and hard to find music posters, including rare Stone Roses posters, Oasis posters, Libertines posters, Joy Division posters and Smiths and  Morrissey posters. In fact we have just taken stock of some new Joy Division and  Smiths posters. We have classic rock posters including Led Zeppelin posters, Pink Floyd posters, a great selection of Iron Maiden posters as well as more modern metal and rock posters including Bullet For my Valentine posters, Black Veil Brides posters, Lost Prophets, Slipknot and lots more.

    Still on the rock theme, we also have posters featuring the likes of Radiohead and Muse. Recent additions also include posters from My Chemical Romance, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the legendary Captain Beefheart.

    On a more poppy theme, we have lots of posters of artists such as Pixie Lott, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Olly Murs and Ed Sheeran. We also  have new posters featuring One Direction, Cher Lloyd and JLS.

    As well as all these great music posters we also have a fantastic selection of TV and Film posters as well as humour and lifestyle posters, art posters and music and film prints. We will get back to you soon on another post about these other posters. In the meantime don't forget to visit our online store to keep up with all the best in music posters.

  • Music posters - Cheap prices & great choice

    If you are looking for a great selection of music posters online at cheap prices, you need look no further than the Panic Posters internet store.

    Here at Panic we have a great selection of music posters available. We have rock music posters, with titles from classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd and AC/DC. We also have posters from newer bands such as All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon and also Bullet For My Valentine posters, Paramore posters and Kings Of Leon posters.

    Libertines Sepia poster Muse The Resistance poster

    We also have a great choice of indie and alternative music posters, including rare Libertines posters, Joy Division posters, Stone Roses posters, Arctic Monkeys posters, Fall Out Boy posters, Muse and Radiohead posters and lots more. We also should not forget the huge selection of Oasis posters we have available.

    In our pop posters range we have Pixie Lott posters, Lady Gaga posters, posters of The Saturdays and The Wanted, Kylie Minogue posters, teen sensation Justin Bieber posters, Cheryl Cole posters, Michael Jackson posters and posters of Shakira and Katy Perry.

    There are many places where you can buy music posters online, but we offer a great range and at very competitive prices. As well as offering all the beat selling music posters we also have a lot of rare and hard to find music posters, including original promo posters and billboard posters as well as door posters.

    We add new titles all the time and are always on the look out for rare out of print poster titles, so remember to visit our store for the best in music posters and more.

  • Posters for Xmas - Buy your Xmas present posters online

    Well, Christmas is just around the corner as the month of December starts tomorrow. Posters make great affordable gifts, whether its a really special poster for framing, or a more regular poster to go straight on the wall. We have a fantastic selection of posters available including music posters, TV and film posters, humour and lifestyle posters and much much more.

    Muse resistance poster Earth By Night Map poster Pixie Lott Turn It Up poster

    In our selection of music posters we have posters for artistes as diverse as Cheryl Cole or Pixie Lott and The Libertines or Metallica.

    We have an unrivalled selection of indie style band posters, including Stone Roses posters, Muse posters, Radiohead posters, Arctic Monkeys posters and lots lots more. On the Metal side of things we have a huge number of Iron Maiden and Metallica poster designs, as well as Bring Me The Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine posters, Korn posters, Slipknot and System Of A Down posters. We also have lot of emo posters, punk posters, hip hop posters and more.

    On the poppier side we have as already mentioned a great selection of Cheryl Cole posters, Pixie Lott poster and Lady Gaga posters to name only three.

    Don't forget our range of TV and film posters, including a great set of Machete film posters as well as Avatar posters, Audrey Hepburn posters, James Bond posters and posters of  Ben 10, Spongebob Squarepants, Doctor Who, Dangermouse and Family Guy.

    We also have a great selection of World Map posters, including the best selling Earth By Night map poster.

    So as the snow piles up and the temperatures go through the floor, why not shop online for you posters at Panic Posters and let us and the postman take the strain out of your Xmas shopping?

  • New Cheryl Cole posters - Two new Cheryl Cole posters available

    We are pleased to have added another two Cheryl Cole poster designs to our Cheryl Cole posters.

    We have a new regular size Cheryl Cole poster and a new door format Cheryl Cole poster. We call te new regular size poster the Cheryl Cole Union Jack poster. This poster sees Cheryl posing seductively against a wall, wearing a Union Jack flag style top and short red shorts. The photo used in this new poster looks like it is from the same photo shoot as the Cheryl Cole Close-Up poster we also have available for sale.

    Cheryl Cole Union Jack Top poster Cheryl Cole Beach door poster

    We call the new Cheryl Cole door poster the Cheryl Cole Beach door poster, and this poster features Cheryl on the beach, wearing a white cardigan and little else and her rose tattoo can be seen on her thigh. The same design is also available in regular poster format as the Cheryl Cole Beach poster.

    As well as these two new posters we also have a great range of other Cheryl Cole posters and Girls Aloud posters. we have already mentioned the Cheryl Cole Union Jack and Beach posters, but we also have the relatively new Cheryl Cole Rock poster, the Cheryl Cole Close Up poster and Cheryl Cole Solo poster. We also have a selection of Girls Aloud posters available.

    Don't forget that as well as Cheryl Cole posters, we also have a great range of other music posters, from pop to punk and metal. We add new titles and older and rarer posters all the time, so it pays to check our site every now and then.

  • Cheryl Cole posters - New Cheryl Cole poster available now

    We are pleased to be one of the first people to have the new Cheryl Cole Rock poster available for online sale.

    This great new Cheryl Cole poster features a sexy black and white shot of Cheryl Cole perched seductively on a rock. In this officially licensed poster Cheryl Cole is wearing a  see through white dress, showing black underwear and accompanied by a white belt, boots and a dark military style cap with a cross on the front.

    Cheryl Cole on rock poster Cheryl Cole poster, close up Union Jack dress Cheryl Cole beach poster

    We are expecting another new Cheryl Cole poster in shortly, but for now as well as the featured new Cheryl Cole Rock poster we have a great selection of other Cheryl Cole posters, including a Cheryl Cole Close Up poster, a Cheryl Cole Beach poster, a Cheryl Cole door poster and several Girls Aloud posters featuring Cheryl.

    These days it seems like Cheryl is never out of the news and the front pages, whether it be through her music or otherwise. Her latest solo album Messy Little Raindrops having been released this month with the opening single Promise This reaching number one in both the UK and Ireland singles charts. Cheryl has become something of a nation's sweetheart and features heavily on the X Factor as well as in the tabloids, TV and gossip mags.

    Don't forget that as well as Cheryl Cole posters we have a great range of other music posters as well as TV and film posters, glamour posters, humour and lifestyle posters and much much more.

  • Cheap music posters to decorate your pub, bar or club

    Here at we can supply a great selection of posters to give your pub, bar or club an inexpensive facelift.

    Depending on the look you are after you can either frame our posters or our posters can be simply pasted to your walls. At, over the yers we have spent a fair amount of time in different pubs, bars and clubs and we have seen our posters in many of them.

    Oasis Stop Crying original giant promo poster AC/DC No Bull poster Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze poster

    Some of these pubs, bars and clubs have a music theme and have a great collection of music posters, sometimes rock music posters, sometimes more glam and sometimes more jazz. For a traditional rock themed pub or club we have AC/DC posters, Black Sabbath posters, Doors posters, Guns 'N' Roses posters, a huge selection of Iron Maiden posters, Jimi Hendrix posters, Kiss posters, Led Zeppelin posters, Metallica posters, Motorhead posters, Pink Floyd posters, Rolling Stones posters and The Who posters to name a few.

    If you are after a more contemporary indie type vibe then we have Arctic Monkeys posters, Charlatans posters, Florence & The machine posters, Gorillaz posters, Green Day posters, Joy Division posters, Kasabian posters, Killers posters, Kings Of Leon posters, Libertines posters, Muse posters, Nirvana & Kurt Cobain posters, Oasis posters, Paramore posters, Radiohead posters, Smiths posters and Stone Roses posters and many many more.

    Don't forget that as well as regular size posters, we also have giant billboard size posters including some original promo flyposters, which look great in bars.

    If you are after a movie and film theme for you pub, bar or club, we can cater for that as well. Take a look at our TV &  film posters.

  • New Iron Maiden posters - Iron Maiden The Final Frontier posters

    We are pleased to announce that we have three new Iron Maiden posters available for their new album, The Final Frontier.

    Firstly we have an Iron Maiden Final Frontier Teaser poster. This Iron Maiden poster has a close up of band Mascot Eddie looking like a cross between the Alien and Predator from the sci-fi films. The poster also features the traditional Iron Maiden logo. Next up is the Iron Maiden Final Frontier Cover poster, which features the cover art for The Final Frontier album. The last of the three Final Frontier posters we have is the Iron Maiden Final Frontier Band poster. As the name suggests, this poster features a photo of the band posing in front of  a Final Frontier backdrop. All current band members Bruce Dickinson, Dave Murray, Janick Gers, Adrian Smith, Steve Harris and Nicko McBrain are featured.

    Iron Maiden Final Frontier poster Iron Maiden Final Frontier Album Cover poster Iron maiden Final Frontier band poster

    The Final Frontier is the fifteenth studio album from Iron Maiden and was released in August this year. It is the first new Iron Maiden poster since 206's A Matter Of Life And Death.

    As well as these three new Iron Maiden Final Frontier poster we also have a great selection of other Iron Maiden posters available. Poster titles include an Iron Maiden Flight 666 poster, an Iron Maiden Early Days poster, an Iron Maiden World Slavery poster and an Iron Maiden Killers poster.

    As well as Iron Maiden posters we also have a great selection of other rock, metal and other music posters available, as well as TV and Film posters, humour posters and lots lots more.

  • Two Kids In Glass Houses posters now available

    We are pleased to announce that we have two new Kids In Glass Houses posters available. We have the Kids In Glass Houses Dirt poster and the Kids In Glass Houses Artbreaker poster.

    Kids In Glass Houses Dirt poster Kids In Glass Houses Artbreaker poster

    Firstly let's take a look at the Kids In Glass Houses Dirt poster. This Kids In Glass Houses poster features a photo of the band posed against a light backdrop and has the Kids In Glass Houses logo top left of the poster, printed in red. Next there is the Kids In Glass Houses Artbreaker poster, which again features a colour photo of the band, this time against a dark background and with the logo in white along the bottom of theposter.

    Kids In Glass Houses were formed in Cardiff in 2003 and are now an established part of the Cardiff music scene. They play a sort of alternative pop rock. Kids In Glass Houses are comprised of Aled Phillips on vocals, Joel Fisher on guitar, Iain Mahanty on guitar, Andrew Shay on Bass and Philip Jenkins on Drums. These two posters both relate to the second Kids In Glass Houses album, Dirt, released last year. Artbreaker is the opening track on Dirt. Kids In Glass Houses' first album is called Smart Casual and was released in 2007. Both albums are on the Roadrunner label.

    As well as these Kids In Glass Houses posters we have a great selection of other music posters, including Alternative, Metal, Punk, Emo and more. We are always adding new posters to our range so keep checking our site.

  • Evanescence posters - Amy Lee posters

    We currently have two great Evanescence posters available, an Evanescence Band poster and an Evanescence Amy Lee poster.

    Lets take a closer look at the Evanescence Band poster first. This Evanescence poster features a colour photo of Amy and the band standing on stairs in front of an ornate window. Singer Amy is wearing a long flowing dress while the guys are dressed mainly in black. The poster also features a reproduction of the Evanescence logo. This design is an officially licensed Evanescence poster.

    Next up we have the Evanescence Amy Lee poster. This poster features a shot of Amy Lee singing live on stage as its main image. This poster also has four further smaller photos of Amy live on stage set into the main poster image. This Evanescence poster is harder to find than the Evanescence band poster as it is an independently published poster.

    Evanescence Band poster Evanescence Amy Lee poster

    Evanescence were formed in 1995 in Arkansas, USA and have to date released two studio albums, Fallen (2003) and The Open Door in 2006. Both albums have gone platinum in both the US and UK as well as elsewhere. The current Evanescence line up is Amy Lee (vocals), Terry Balsamo (guitar), Tim McCord (bass) and Will Hunt (drums).

    Essentially a rock band, Evanescence also have something of an alternative and goth feel to their music. Their breakthrough and probably best know song is Bring Me Back To Life from the Fallen album. Bring Me Back To Life featured on the soundtrack to the Daredevil movie and this gave the song a powerful video and great promotion, despite the film being something of a disappointment.

    Don't forget to visit our site to keep up to date with our ever changing range of music posters.

  • All Time Low posters

    We have two great All Time Low posters available, an All Time Low Nothing Personal poster and an All Time Low On Tour poster.

    Firstly let's take a look at the All Time Low Nothing Personal poster. This All Time Low poster features artwork taken from the album cover of Nothing Personal, the band's third studio album), and also has a photo of the band and the All Time Low logo. The poster also has the lyrics, "Wide awake, my mistake - so predictable. You were fake, I was great. Nothing Personal". These lyrics are from the song, Break Your Little Heart off the Nothing Personal album.

    Next there is the All Time Low On Tour poster. This All Time Low poster features a selection of Polaroid style snaps of the band, taken on tour. The poster also features an additional black and white photo of the band and an All Time Low logo.

    All Time Low Nothing Personal poster All Time Low On Tour poster

    All Time Low hail from Baltimore and have been producing their brand of pop punk since 2003 and have so far released three studio albums. These are 2005's The Party Scene, 2007's So Wrong It's Right, and of course 2009's Nothing Personal. All Time Low are comprised of Alexander Gaskarth on vocals and guitar, Jack Barakat on lead guitar, Zachary Merrick on bass and Rian Dawson on drums.

    As well as our All Time Low posters, we have lots of other great music posters including rock, punk, indie and metal titles, including original promo posters. We also have a great selection of TV and film posters available and add titles all the time.

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