Collection: Personality Posters

Over the years there have been some strong personalities that are very influential; we have a selection of Personality posters celebrating some of the characters that have made an impact on the world. You can choose your personality poster of political heroes like Barack Obama and Chez Guevara, maybe you would prefer an Einstein poster or a poster of music and film stars like Frank Sinatra or James Dean.

Iconic Posters

Many of these strong personalities have become icons in their own right so you could choose an iconic poster with a strong recognisable image of them. You may go for an iconic poster like Albert Einstein famously sticking his tongue out, or an image of Martin Luther King during his ‘I have a dream’ speech. These iconic posters make for a good investment as they don’t cost a great deal and they will be relevant and celebrated for many years to come. Browse through our selection of iconic personality posters below and click on the images to see more information. If you want to tell us about your favourite posters and iconic moments please comment on our Panic Posters blog.