Collection: Fantasy Posters

Fantasy art posters offer some incredible and captivating designs that you won’t see in any other genre of poster. Fantasy posters normally include some form of supernatural, horror, magical, mythical, fantasy fiction or science fiction theme. Popular fantasy art posters include angels, vampires and dragons but seemingly the most common theme is that the main focus of the poster is a beautiful but often deadly female warrior or temptress. Our range includes some beautiful and surrealist fantasy illustrative art posters, including work by Spiral Design fantasy posters who specialise in gothic and supernatural themes. HR Giger fantasy art posters have a very specific style that many will recognise as it has influenced many modern day science fiction films. Luis Royo fantasy art posters focus around female warriors and mythical creatures. Victoria Frances fantasy art posters are gothic in nature, and often have haunting or harrowing themes in the beautifully realistic art. There are of course many other artists available, all of which have their own unique style. Take a look through the selection of fantasy art posters below to find the perfect poster for your room based on your own personality and decor.